Giving Back

This is why I enjoy being a Sales Representative for Miche Bag.  This is part of the press release describing the Hope Shell.

Miche Bag, the brand that created the wildly popular interchangeable handbag, announced the release of its newest bag along with a big goal on January 8, 2010.  The bag, called “Hope”, features quotes from cancer patients and survivors.  The new “Hope” bag is being sold through Miche distributors worldwide and online at; proceeds will be donated to Huntsman Cancer Foundation to fund cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute. 

 Janet Bingham, PhD, President and CEO of Huntsman Cancer Foundation says, “The funds raised through Miche Bag’s ‘Hope’ shell go directly to easing the suffering of cancer patients and their families in the form of lifesaving research.  We’re grateful for the dedication of the Miche Bag company to the cancer cause and the commitment to act on Miche’s own slogan:  ‘One Bag, Endless Possibilities.’”

 Miche Bag designer Jennie Platt felt that supporting cancer research was a perfect fit for the company because so many people associated with Miche Bag have shared personal battles with this terrible disease.  “In helping put together this program I was introduced to many courageous and inspiring people who were willing to share their journey with cancer,” Platt says, “a battle filled with challenges but also hope, love and beauty.  The shell I created needed to resonate this same message.  In the end, their message became the design and ‘Hope’ became a shell.”

 Linda Hill is a cancer survivor and knows first-hand the importance of funding research.  “If it were not for cancer research many of us would not be here today, and funding is what makes the goal of a cure possible.  My hope lies in The Huntsman Cancer Institute and their dedication to finding a cure.  In a time where budget cuts are the norm, for Miche Bag to join The Huntsman brings us one step closer to that cure.”

 Miche CEO, Corbin Church, is also personally dedicated to this cause.  “As a company, we wanted to do something that would benefit the communities where Miche is sold.  It is crucial that our company’s success has a lasting legacy and we all felt Huntsman Cancer Institute was the perfect association for Miche Bag.”

Church’s goal is to raise $1 million for cancer research by the end of 2010 

These are the Hope Shells made from Miche Bag. 


Hope - Classic Bag

Hope - Big Bag

Unfortunately, cancer is not a stranger to my family.  I have lost my dad from lung cancer and my mom had breast cancer before she passed.  My oldest sister had breast cancer 10 years ago and I am so thankful to say that she is cancer free. 

This campaign Miche is doing touches my heart and makes me feel a part of fighting this disease. 

If you would like to join in this fight, contact me in the comments below or through my email,

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