Where did Tuesday go?

I was going to clean the house yesterday, however …. I received the order for my last Miche Bag party.  It was a big order, so I spent the afternoon checking off everything and making sure nothing was missing.  I bundled them into my new designer liners and they looked so cool!!!  Thanks Muriel!! 

Unfortunately, the only order I was missing was the hostess’s.   OOPS!!  I called my distributor right away and they are shipping it direct to her!!  I’m glad this hostess signed up as a rep so she was pretty cool about it, especially since she had already received her rep kit!  I’m excited to have a rep on our team that way we can work the fairs/farmers market together!  I can’t wait!!

Plus, once I refer 5 reps, I get a percentage of their orders … how cool is that!?

As I mentioned, I received my Designer Liners – they are fun!!  You can use them in the waste baskets.   Or you can use them as gift bags, just turn them inside out.  They do look great!!!

Well, now I’m going to clean the house – honest – I think … LOL – Happy Hump Day!!

4 thoughts on “Where did Tuesday go?

  1. You are getting very fancy. 🙂 I do like the idea of designer liners though. I was thinking it would be even better to make them out of fabric and just wash ’em. Too bad we can’t find a better solution for kitchen garbage. 😦

  2. GH – What a great idea!!! Know any you can refer me to?? ;-D

    MM – After I cleaned my house, I put the designer liners in my bathroom wastebaskets and in the one by the computer. They look so cool!!! If you don’t put anything sticky or gross in the wastebasket, you can continue to use the same liner until it gets funky.

    S.LE – I know and it’s already Saturday. I could not tell you what happened in the past couple of days, as I do not remember!

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