Feeding Frenzy

Sunday morning and I’m still sitting at the keyboard.  The weather has turned back to winter here as it hailed then snowed last night and the clouds are looming over us again, trying to decide what to drop over the valley.

I’m in a fog today as my allergies have been bad.  The fog is from the Benedryl hangover.  Ugh, hate it when that happens.  I could just go over there and curl up on the couch with the fire burning.

Hubby had his hearing tested on Friday.  It will be interesting to see how much of his hearing has been affected.  As he told the doc, “I was able to hear a flea fart 200 yards away, but now, everything is muffled.”     Probably a good thing they didn’t test my hearing … I have a hard time hearing, especially when there is background noise.

I think we are going to try and make one last trip to Vegas, as I have a Miche Bag meeting on the 27th of May.  After that, we will be in a holding pattern, just waiting to hear what the ENT suggests for his ears, nose & throat.  Sometimes I just want to find a rock and crawl under it!

I’m really in the mood for pancakes and waffles!  LOL, or pancakes stuff with cream cheese.   OOhhh, now that sounds good, but then if I use the cream cheese, I won’t be able to make Mac & Cheese … hmmmm, decissions, decissions.

One of my friends posted on FB her daughter’s mac and cheese video.  Ever since I saw the video I have wanted mac and cheese.  Unfortunately, evertime I think of making it, it is already 7pm.  Here’s the video:

Some of you may remember her from the cooking challenge show.  (I can’t remember the name of that show)  Kelsey and her sister actually one the challenge. 

Watching this video again, I’m not sure I have enough cheese … so looks like problem solved, stuffed pancakes it is for Sunday brunch!  YUM!

Y’all have a good one and a great week!!

6 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzy

  1. What’s UP with this belated winter? Sheesh!

    Cool video but, still, there’s no guy that would make it that way. Boil water, boil pasta, add milk, add butter, add neon-orange cheeze powder: that’s how it should be done! 🙂

  2. HD – I know huh!

    S LE – ugh, the pollen count in my area is extremely high … sometimes I dread going outside.

    GH – you are too funny!!

    I ended up making this mac and cheese with the pork roast for dinner. Oh. My. It was really good!! I didn’t have any smoked gouda cheese, but I used sharp cheddar and added the cream cheese. The cream cheese is the secret to the creamy and well worth it!

    • I’ve never done mac and cheese from scratch before either. But this recipe was easy, rich and easy, LOL!

      No, I didn’t do pancakes, I ended up eating cereal. Good thing, because I definately liked the M & C!!

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