Who is this group of people across the street

I’m thinking there’s a walking tour going through town.  Probably not a good time for me to go out and fire up the lawn mower.  Maybe I’ll start in the back.   Throughout the little neighborhood I live, there are markers along some of the homes.   It is fun to read the markers at each home.  My house was built in the 70’s so, no marker  and no historical site. 

Switching subjects, our muttly no longer has any bottom teeth.  His last tooth was pulled yesterday, as it was real loose.  So loose that we were able to pull it out ourselves, as with all of his other rotten teeth.    We’ve switched him to canned food, because of this reason.  Hubby put a napkin on him since he was dining, on the new food.

Poor guy, I’m sure muttly was thinking, “The things I let these humans do to me!”


2 thoughts on “Who is this group of people across the street

  1. HD – Thanks, we have toothpast that’s beef flavored. Smells horrible!! We would give muttly all kinds of stuff to chew on to clean his teeth, but he wouldn’t take them. The only thing he loves are those greenie things, which we found out isn’t good for them.

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