Mish Mash is the content at last

Another beautiful day and I’m sittin on my butt.  Wish I were closer to the bay so I could be sittin’ on the dock of a bay.  Now that would be so much fun!

I know it’s May, but my brain is having a hard time remembering.  All my favorite tele shows are advertising their season finale.   How can this be?  I’m not sure I can function without the head slaps from Gibbs to DinNozzo.  Or without the disfunction of the Walker Family.  How about the medical practices at Seattle Grace.  What about Sam and Addison on Private Practice.  And the final last episodes of Saving Grace.   Oh, and Castle … *swoon* …  Then again, there’s Booth … *sigh* … LOL

However, I am looking forward to Royal Pains and White Collar.  I love that USA Network has interesting shows during the off season. 

I was bummed that Pamela Anderson was sent home on Dancing.  I know there are many women out there that just don’t like her.  I was expecting her to be gone in the first two weeks, however, I found that she had potential and with her dancing pro partner, they were able to bring it to the floor.   I’m also liking Chad Ochocinco, however, is he and Cheryl really a couple?  Hmmm, makes me wonder with all the diamonds he’s been buying her.  I would hope she is smart and wise enough to NOT fall prey to his antics.  Chad does seem to be improving, the last few shows will be interesting.

I’m not much of an Idol watcher.  Although I did see Harry Connick, Jr. on last night’s episode. 

Workday yesterday was a quick day, as I had plenty to keep my day rockin’.  One of the owners bought us breakfast.  If any of you ever get to the north side Lake Tahoe, you have to visit Art’s Coffeehouse in the Village Market.    They have the BEST breakfast biscuit sandwiches as well as coffee!

Art’s Coffeehouse inside the Village Market is a great place for breakfast, where the burritos are out of this world. you also can get quiche, bagels, scones and other baked goods. Healthier items are on the menu, too, such as a seasonal fruit cup, fresh squeezed orange juice, and fruit smoothies. Add a little more oomph to your smoothie with a protein powder, spiruluna, or bee pollen. Of course a variety of coffee and tea drinks are available. The owners of this restaurant also have Brimm’s Catering Co., which supplies all the high-class food for the Sand Harbor Shakespeare Festival

I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised that summer is getting close.  Have you driven by a gas station lately?  The price of gas is going up again.  I thought of driving to different places during this summer, but I may have to re-think this.  And flying is no better!  I checked on air fares just from here to Vegas and they are rediculous!!   I wouldn’t mind taking Amtrak to Salt Lake, but what would we do for 5 hours before the rest of the world wakes up?    Things that make me go hmmmm!

I guess I should get going.  It’s doc visit day … wow, one month past already … of course all my aches and pains have subsided now that we are going to see him.   Just like a vehicle stops making that strange noise when you take it to the mechanic!  That dang “Murphy”   always gets in the way!

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