Beautiful Sunday Morning

Blue sky and snow covered mountains, doesn’t get any better than that!   The start of the ending to this weekend.

Friday was hubby’s range day with his department.  Which mean up real early only to still be late getting there.  But, we made it there before they started the drill.  Since we were going to be just west of Carson City, I decided to go with him, drop him off and get my errands ran.   The range is near the dump, but the colors in the hills are gorgeous!  Not sure if you can see the colors in this picture, but I tried.

Probably not, as I was far away and using my phone camera.  Oh wait, I can zoom in … lol …

Well, hopefully you can see it, on my old moniter, I can’t.  Some day I will have to get a new one, I really hate to think how old this moniter is.

Even though I didn’t shoot, I was pretty wiped out, just from running around, paying bills and doing a mini purse show at someone’s office.  By the time I got back to the range they were done and hubby was almost by himself.  One other deputy constable stayed to make sure hubby wasn’t abandoned.  LOL …. yes, I was late, by only 20-25 minutes.  As usual for this area, the wind started picking and the dust devils were having fun as we tried to load the truck.

Saturday was yard day.  I felt real bad, because my lawn was overgrown and the dandelions are taking over.  It looks so much better!  I’ve figured out why the dandelions multiplied at an alarming rate.  I thought I grabbed the bag of  Turf Builder WITH weed killer … NOT … I just grabbed the one without.  No wonder those dang dandelions were having a great time and smiling away at me!!  Time to get something else to take care of these things!

Today, I’ve homework to finish.  I’m four chapters behind in my new bible study class.  Thank goodness the chapters are short.  The hard part is really answering the questions from deep within.  Wish me luck.

Y’all have a great Sunday.  I may grab my chairs and sit on the porch and do my homework.  Hate to waste a beautiful day!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday Morning

  1. Yep, I spread the Turf with killer this week too – just before our rain so I hope it works. Of course that means it will grow fast and I’ll have to mow more … sigh.

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