A New Me

How does that happen?  Do I mean a new me on the outside or on the inside?  Wouldn’t you like to be new on either side?

My answer to this question is yes, I want to be new on either side.  However, I need to start with the inside first.

Nothing is uglier than an ugly inside.  You can do all you want on the outside, but once the inside is revealed … uugglllyyyy!!   Have you ever met someone like that?    Are you someone like that??  

I have met gorgeous people .. on the outside.  Once they started talking … I just cringe.   Then I wonder, am I like that?  Are my words ugly? 

Interesting thought to ponder for Sunday afternoon.

7 thoughts on “A New Me

  1. I can get very ugly and negative. Then I see what I’m doing to myself and good people around me and try to fix the damage I’ve caused. Lately, it seems like I’m always saying the wrong thing… Good luck in your new adventure for self-improvement. I always think you’re pretty awesome.

  2. HD – ROFLMAO – No, I do not see you as ugly!

    MM – I don’t see you as ugly either … I always say the wrong things also, thanks to my platinum blondness. Thanks on the awesome part. I think you are also!

  3. GH – maybe that’s the problem! From the few pictures I’ve seen of you, you are better looking than you realize. There has to be a Mz. Geekhiker out there somewhere for you … just stop looking and open your eyes!

    MM – LOL … I actually heard that!

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