Freaky Storm

Living near and working in the Sierras can make for interesting commutes.  I’m thinking many of us have become numb to the forcasts given by the weathermen.   I understand it’s hard to predict the weather in our area because we have so many things that can affect it.  I know it’s also hard to predict the weather in the midwest, because a storm can balloon from just a single small cloud … been there, seen that happen.

The weatherman on our local tele station was forcasting snow. was predicting snow for our area also.  However, when we left for work yesterday, it was a nice day, blue sky with high clouds.   Because of this, I think all of us in this area figured the poor weatherman was wrong again and the storm blew over, as it so often does.

To all of our surprises, the storm came in around 10am when predicted by and it snowed most of the day at the lake.   I’d look up from my desk and it’s a blizzard outside.  I’d look again and nothing.  Another time I looked up and it was a complete white out and I couldn’t see the cars in the parking lot.  Luckily it really wasn’t sticking, because the ground was still warm.  However, just warm enough to make it slushy and as the temps dropped, icy.

When hubby picked me up it was snowing like crazy.  Driving around the lake trying to get to the highway that will take us off this wild ride, we came upon an accident in the “S” curves.  It must have happened a few minutes before we got there.  The 2 cars involved were crashed on opposite sides of the road.  The driver of one vehicle was stuck inside, the other was wandering around.  Luckily there was a fire guy, also on his way home, that stopped to check on everyone.   

Hubby, being a peace officer, didn’t feel right just to drive by, so we stopped also, as he was still in uniform.    Finally a deputy shows up and between the two, they were directing traffic.  They get traffic moving and here comes the fire engine, paramedics, battalion chief, and a couple of other fire vehicles.   This is what it looked like.

The other fire vehicles were on the left of me out of picture range.  So any thought of getting traffic through was stopped.

Finally the fire guys did their thing and unclogged the road.  Hubby and the deputy continue to direct traffic and the highway patrol finally shows up.  Actually three of them appeared.   On days like this, the troopers are going from one accident to another.  Where this was, takes awhile for them to get to.   So I’m thinking they all were coming from different areas to see who would get there first.   Again traffic is stopped as they take their pictures, etc.   Once they made their determination, two of the troopers left as they were being dispatched to more accidents.  The remaining trooper was righting his report and waiting for the tow truck driver. 

Finally the first tow truck driver gets there and traffic is stopped again.  The trooper gives the tow truck driver the paperwork and has to leave as there were 4 other accidents on Hwy 50.  He asks hubby and the other deputy if they would continue to direct traffic, until the cars are towed. 

That tow truck leaves with one of the damaged vehicles which leaves more room for travelors to get through the curve.  However, before the driver leaves, he hands me the paperwork for the other tow truck driver that’s coming to tow away the other vehicle.  Which means, we still have to wait and direct traffic. 

The deputy ended up leaving as I’m sure he had been dispatched to another part of his county, because everyone forgets how to drive in this kind of weather. 

That left hubby.  It’s kinda hard for one person to watch the traffic in the “S” curves, so he had to keep going back and forth to make sure people slowed down so they didn’t crash into the remaining vehicle.    When the other tow truck driver got there, we hung around to make sure they were safe as they had to pull the vehicle so it was parallel with the street before it could be hoisted up and towed away.

Finally we were able to go.  As we were leaving the paramedics that took one of the driver’s to the hospital were already coming back .  We had been there for two hours.  

The funny thing, well sad really, all these emergency vehicles and the deputy, as well as my husband weren’t even part of the county where the accident happened.  This little stretch of road along the lake belongs to another county that rarely comes up to the lake.  So the surrounding counties and the highway patrol have to take up the slack. 

So a big thanks to them for pitching in on freaky days like this.  Another big thanks to the other drivers for their patience as they had to wait off and on through this scene. 

There was one that wanted to go to blows with hubby, but that would have been a big mistake.  Everyone under estimates him, but he’s quicker than they think.  Thanks to the training he’s received while working the jail in Sin City.

So one stupid driver out of all those cars isn’t bad for a freaky storm accident.

3 thoughts on “Freaky Storm

  1. Okay, seriously, how proud were you of the Hubby that day? I know how women like having a man in uniform!

    Not sure how it is in NV, but I know in California most of the county agencies have reciprocal agreements to provide assistance to each other…

  2. HD – I hope it didn’t make it over the Rockies, that way you still have spring days in your area.

    GH – yes, I was proud of him, but if you tell him I said that, I’ll deny it!!! LOL … I think they do, but they can still get territorial about jurisdiction. Silly isn’t it?

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