Who ordered wind???

The wind is roaring outside and things are flying and falling.  We woke up to a loud noise … turns out it was another tree branch from our neighbor’s tree.   Yup, same trees that were trimmed on the diseased tree.  Gotta love those elm trees!!

At first I thought it was the sattelite dish or my neighbor’s swing.  I’ve emailed a picture to the property management company in addition to a phone call.  Hopefully someone will get back with us or come over and assess the damage.

I was down yesterday … throat was on fire and the ears were plugged.  I’m feeling better today, so I’m thinking it’s allergies.  Wind isn’t helping, however, the grass is growing with the weeds and I didn’t get out there yesterday to mow it.  Hopefully this storm will be gone by Thursday.  Sorry midwest folks, it may be heading your way.  We are supposed to get snow with this storm … I’m NOT thrilled!!!

Well, I guess I had better  get the house cleaning done.  I feel like one of the three little piggies as the gusts hit the house. 

Hope y’all have a good one!!


5 thoughts on “Who ordered wind???

  1. Allergies are so bad this year! Hope you’re feeling better. I’ve a killer headache.

    We got a bad wind and heavy rain on Sunday. ’tis Spring after all!

  2. S. Le – true … I wish it would make up its mind, spring or winter and stop this back and forth stuff.

    GH – you must be allergic to work!

    HD – sorry about the weather heading your way. I can’t wait until the ground dries so I can mow the grass. I can’t believe I just said that! I know, I’m in need of therapy.

    MM – LMAO – gas leak?

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