Sorry for the silence

I just looked at the calendar on my fridge and all the days are crossed off, except for this last week. 

Then I realized I hadn’t posted since the 15th.  LOL, some of you are saying, thank you!  But I’m back, at least for this week.  I never know where the world of Miche will take me next, but I asked for it.  In one of my conversations with my Father, I told him that I wanted a job that travels.  Well, I got what I asked, and I’m thankful for it.

I woke up in Vegas and had our open house.  It was fun to let everyone shop.    Since sis and I were the hostess of this open house, we also got our free hostess stuff!  Pretty cool!!

While waiting for the conference on Wednesday of  last week, I spent the days weeding my sister’s backyard.  Because it was warm outside, I would take a break every hour to drink massive doses of liquid.  As the weather got warmer, my breaks turned into every 30 minutes.  Over the course of three days, the tall weeds are gone and her rose bushes are basking in the sun again.

The first annual So. Nevada Sales Rep conference was awesome!  Miche Bag is coming out with great products.  I can’t wait.   The food was simple and real good!  But the presentation was even better!!

I flew home on Thursday and hit the ground running.  Today I’m catching my breath before I start flashing my bags again.

Hubby picked me up at the airport Thursday morning and I was starved … LOL, what else is new?  We had seen on the travel channel that Sierra Syds has a gun collection.  Sierra Syds is a truck stop in Sparks.  So, we went there to eat at the Trucker’s Grill and gawk at the collection.  It was interesting as they had added a little bit of history along with the gun collection.

Since we were in Sparks, we stopped Scheels Sports and wandered around, since we had extra time.  Turns out hubby knew the handgun manager.  He’s a pretty interesting guy with a law enforcement background.   Amazing the people you meet in this store!

Friday was a work day for me.  I was mostly by myself, so I was busy.  Made for a nice quick day.  I also had a canine companion all day.  The shop foreman’s big black lab was with me all day.  Wow, talk about a well behaved dog that minds!!  I would tell him to do something once and he did it.  He may not have liked it, as I got dagger looks, but he did it.   His favorite game is playing with an empty water bottle.  When you tell him to put it in the trash, he’d pick it up and drop it in the trash can.  LOL, so different from my muttly!  The one with selective hearing!

Saturday was an all day simulcast event of Beth Moore, So Long Insecurity.  AWESOME!!   I know there are many of us out there, me included, that have that nagging insecurity going on inside.  This was the best event!!  I’ll post more on that later.  Her book is out, titled:  “So Long Insecurity, you’ve been a bad friend to us!”  

Well, it’s time for me to get my yard working clothes on and start pulling my own weeds.  Y’all have a great day!!!


6 thoughts on “Sorry for the silence

  1. Good to hear things are going well for you.

    The dog sounds interesting! My Aunt trains dogs for Assistance Dogs of America. Some dogs are so clever!

  2. You are totally going to laugh, but women at my card club were talking about Miche bags!! I was like “I know someone’s online personality that sells them!” and they were soooo interested.

  3. HD – Thanks, I have been busy, now to get my body/health to keep up.

    S. LE – Thanks. When he got this dog, the poor thing was stuck out on someone’s deck, because the owners other dog didn’t get along with him. When our foreman got him, the very first day he was well behaved and mostly trained. Go figure!

    MM – I think that is so great!! Here’s my website:
    If there is any questions they can contact me through the website.

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