Party Harty, Marty

Wait, who’s Marty and why do I want him to party harty???  Oh great, now I can’t get Bill Murray out of my mind.  He just keeps repeating that over and over.  LOL

I have mini cream puffs and marble bread cake (as my grand-daughter likes to call it).   I’m going to be in a sugar coma by tonight.  No, I didn’t make either of these (store bought, so you know there’s a lot of bad stuff in it) … I haven’t braved the cream puff recipe yet.  Probably a good thing!

How many of you still have your tonsils?  Why do I ask?  I’m thinking of asking our doc if it’s time for hubby to get his taken out!   He’s 52, soon to be 53.   It has gotten to the point where his tonsils are constantly infected.   Hubby’s heard horror stories about having them taken out while an adult, but in the research I’ve been doing, it doesn’t seem as bad as it used to be.  Granted his recovery time may be longer than a child, but it has to be better than being on anti-biotics each and every month for past 3-4 years.

I’m going to bring this up with the doc tomorrow, when we see him for the follow up appt.  Hubby has been on a mega dose of antibiotics in addition to getting a shot over 10 days ago.  He still is not better.   Something is definately wrong!! 

Wish me luck, he’s dead set against having his tonsils out.  Unfortunately, it may be his only option if the doc can’t get him well.


7 thoughts on “Party Harty, Marty

  1. I had mine out when I was 5 – had tons of ear infections and after the tonsils went away the ear infections went away too. All I remember from being in the hospital was that I got lots of Popsicles, and people brought me toys..wasn’t so bad, really! 😉

  2. HD – the body just amazes me. Why some with their tonsils are fine and others are not.

    GH – I think that’s hubby’s only thing he’d be looking forward to. He loves ice cream!

    S.LE – That’s good to know. I was around 5 or 6 or maybe 8, LOL can’t remember, when mine were taken. I definately remember the mega doses of ice cream!

    MM – I need to learn to be fond of my body parts!

    GR&R – Welcome to my world. Feel free to stop by anytime. I remember being nervous. The soreness after wasn’t as bad as the soreness from the infections.

  3. LOL – I just realized, hubby’s only going to be 52 this month. I could have sworn he was older … oh wait, if he was going to be 53 … that means I would be 53 in Decemeber. Never mind!!

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