Who ordered a change in weather?

Well, so much for getting out there and cutting the grass.  The wind is blowing like crazy and it’s cloudy & cold.  Hubby was going out the front door to see what hit the house and the wind wasn’t letting him open the storm door.    It was pretty funny.

I know I have a zillion and one things to do today, but I just can’t get off my you know what to do them.  I’m still tired and dragging.  *sigh*  I’m hoping being down again today will give me the energy I need to get through the next 10 days.  But, we’ll see.

Not much else is going on, just listening to the lovely wind blowing down the house.  We are supposed to get that four letter word, starting with “s” tonight and tomorrow.  Not looking forward to that!

Seems my mood is as gloomy as the weather so I had better sign off.  Y’all have a great week.

6 thoughts on “Who ordered a change in weather?

  1. noooooooo….!!! cuz whatever weather you guys get, we eventually get here a few days later! it’s been sooo sooo nice here! i like listening to wind from inside my bed at night. something about feeling safe.

  2. HD – LOL, actually 80’s are too warm for me … I know, I’m strange. Now in the high 60’s low 70’s, that’s Heaven to me!

    S. Le – LMAO – yup, that dang sand!

    GH – It is April, what the heck?? I’m concerned that up here, we’ll only get about 2 weeks of spring, then summer will be full force.

    SG – I know huh? My KC sis always asks what my weather is so like so she can brace herself.

    MM – As for May flowers, I still have bulbs that haven’t come up yet and I have bulbs that are coming up where I didn’t plant … go figure

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