Who knew “flashing” would be so much fun!

Now get your minds out of the gutter.  I’m talking about flashing my new bags.   LOL, I’ll now be known as the “Flashing Bag Lady!”  

I am having a blast as a Miche Bag Sales Rep.  It has definately pulled me out of my shell.  LOL, um, sorry, no pun intended, but it really has.  Definate growth in me.

So we had snow, we had a few days of 60 degree weather and soon a threat of something heading our way.  Bummer dude!  However, the dudes and dudettes are lovin’ it as there is plenty of snow in them mountains to do their thing.  I’ve resorted to spectator when it comes to playing in the white stuff.  The body takes too long to recuperate from the fun.

I watched the result show of Dancing with the Stars.  I wish Kate would have been the one to go instead of Buz.  Kate is pretty painful to watch, in my opinion. 

Our oldest daughter posted Easter pics of our grandbabies.  They are so cute!!  If I say so, myself!  And they are getting so dang big!!  Why don’t we live closer to them?  Oh yeah, we don’t have jobs there … lol … like we have jobs here !   Oh well.

This week has been a blur … I’m still trying to refill my energy expended over last weekend PLUS get myself back into my normal routine … whatever, that was before.  I don’t have to work until the 16th of April as I have to cover for the office manager.  It is her parent’s 60th wedding anniversary.  How cool is that?

I’m supposed to be doing an open house showing in Las Vegas on that evening.  Luckily my sis is going to handle the 16th by herself and I should be there late Friday night so we both can be there for Saturday’s showing.  Hubby’s probably going to drive home on Monday, while I stay in Vegas until Thurs. morning.  LOL … I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, but it made more sense to just stay instead of drive home and fly back on Tuesday to return home on Thursday.  Leave it to hubby to be the one with the sense.  SShhh, don’t tell him I said that!

Tuesday while I was flashing at the lake, I got a sale.   LOL, boy does that sound strange.  It’s the small things that excites me, but so much fun.  Wednesday I had to work and it was so so slow.  The afternoon picked up a little, but not much.

This afternoon I’m having lunch with MizJay.  HAH, I just haven’t decided where we are going yet.  I wonder what will sound good at 11:30am.   I’ve suggested Costco … LOL ! 

Then I get to flash my bag at a physical therapist’s office and have a class tonight.  I love busy days that have NOTHING to do with the job I have to work 8 hours (if I’m lucky) for one day a week. 

So, what sounds yummy for lunch?  Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Who knew “flashing” would be so much fun!

  1. HD – yeah, I don’t have anything nice to say about Kate … so I guess I shouldn’t say … but, seriously?? She is truly painful to watch.

    GH – LOL – more fun for me, not so much the spectator! Close on lunch – we went to B’sgetti’s. I had a meatball sandwich – yum!

    S.Le – Thx – I haven’t had Subway’s seafood sandwich in a long time … I may have to go sometime.

    MM – ooohhhh, isn’t Castle fun! I really enjoy watching him, er, I mean that show … LOL

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