Woke up to Snow

I know, I live at the bottom of the Sierras and I should be used to the unpredictable weather.  BUT … *sigh*   Poor flowers, good thing they can survive the cold.  The tulips are starting to bloom, right now they look sad and droopy covered in snow. 

I feel sad and droopy myself.  Maybe it’s more achy and droopy… lol … Wow, the past three days have been incredible.   I didn’t have to stay as long on Friday night at church, since we finished early.  The wind was blowing pretty hard, so they moved the food into the church, which meant, they didn’t need as many servers.  So I went home to rest and gear up for the next two day.

The last post I mentioned how the evil one tries to keep everyone from hearing the message.  In the middle of  the Friday night message, the power went out.    It gets pretty quiet in the church when the power is out.  

It could have gone two ways … they could have cancelled the rest of the service, which is what the evil one wanted … OR … they could continue on in the dark and share the Light of the message.   Because everyone remained calm, someone yelled out for the pastor to continue.  The pastor joked that he couldn’t read his notes.  Someone in the audience, brought him a flashlight and he continued.   Our new pastor used to coach football, so he had no problem projecting his voice throughout the room without amplification.   Toward the end of the service, there was to be another song.  The musicians grabbed their accoustical instruments and singers carried on.   

I went to the first service on Saturday.  This turned out to be the first of the originally planned services.  One of my friends came up to me and said that I was going to cry.    He is one of the bass players on the worship team and told me what happened Friday.  As I was sitting there waiting for the service to start, I got to thinking that I had no tissues for when I did start crying.  I saw the tissue box at the front of the stage.  With two minutes before the start, I ran up front, grabbed some tissues and held one up to my friend.  He started laughing.

Between the music, the voices, the dancing and the words, I was touched so deeply within that the tears did flow.  Service was simple but so powerful.  I enjoy our new pastors humor in his teaching.

A great tiring weekend, but everyone involved was amazing!   

Hope your weekend was super and no snow in the forecast.

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