Okay, on the count of three, get up out of this chair and get something done …

Nope, just not feelin’ it!! 

Sis arrives late tomorrow night, her room still has boxes and stuff piled in there and we still need to move the futon out of the other back catch all room to the front room, so we have extra places to sit. 

I did the front room and hall carpets the other day.  Disgusting!!  There is no way they were cleaned before we moved in.  When we moved out of our other house, I had to show proof that the carpets were cleaned (presenting the paid receipt).  This house is managed by the same property management company as the one we moved from.  I told myself to get the carpets cleaned before we moved in, but we were just anxious to get the move done and over with.  

Last night we ate at Johnny Rockets!  We had hamburgers and fries.   I love their fries, way better than In and Outs.   I was in an eat and go type of mood, but hubby loves jukeboxes and was busy groovin’ to the music he selected.  It took me a minute to realize that we really didn’t have anywhere to be.  Once I did, I sat back and just watched him be a teenager again.   When we left, he had a chocolate shake and I had a chocolate malt in our to go cups.  It was fun, once I relaxed and let go of the “I gotta be somewhere” mode.

Sometimes I get so caught up in what has to be done and truly miss what’s going on and enjoying the present.

Today, I’m home, with a mile long list to be done and I just want to sit and veg.  LOL … I’m so hard to figure out … poor hubby!


5 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Our house her in Omaha was not cleaned when we moved in. The former owners literally vacated couple hours before we moved in. The place was disgusting.

    As for the In and Out comment … I may have to reconsider reading you blog … just kidding, I think I can forgive you.

  2. GH – thanks so very much, I will do it next time!!

    HD – ugh on your house. That’s not a pleasant welcoming. As for In and Out … I’m going to try GH’s suggestion, hopefully it will change their rating. LOL

  3. What is this “In and Out” place? It sounds naughty.

    Ugh on gross carpets! i have to clean this weekend, and I’m sooooo not feeling it. Do you think magical elves will come in and clean it if I sleep long enough?

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