Yes, I know, I’m procrastinating

Well, a gal has to eat, right?  Can I cram a video and five days of homework in six hours?  What, I’m not wonderwoman?  Hah, well … no, I couldn’t fit my leg into that tight little outfit she wore … I wouldn’t have to fight crime, I’d scare them away!  LOL, yeah, okay, the brain has gone off on some Johnny Depp, Tim Burton twist … hate it when that happens!

I was telling MizJay about my oldest sister and how our lives are parallel.  Even though we are 15 years apart, it’s like we are twins from different dimensions.   Yes, I have been watching Fringe.  I still have the last 3 episodes to watch.  Hubby says the season finale was a doozie.  I have a hard time keeping up with the normal Fringe episodes, so a doozie episode will probably take me a week to get through!

Growing up in the desert, (not too far from the secret base that no one is supposed to know about, but the whole dang world does) sometimes shows like X-Files and Warehouse are a little too close to the product of my overactive imagination! 

I remember doing dishes in my parents house and looking out the kitchen window at night.  I was short enough not to see my reflection, but would imagine a UFO hovering in my backyard.  About that time I’d quickly close the curtains.  Chicken, who me?

Okay, I have four minutes before I have to get going on my lessons.  MizJay is my table leader in class.  LOL, she’s keeping me accountable for getting my lessons done!  LOL, I can imagine her standing there tapping the desk asking if I’m done yet.  (Not really, she’s a sweetie, but I do have to face her tonight at class.)

Y’all have a great day!!  I know it’s the first Monday after the time change, but you can do it!   I’m going to brew a pot of caffeine to get me through … maybe two pots!   Later, Y’all!

6 thoughts on “Yes, I know, I’m procrastinating

  1. LOL, thankfully I have not been abducted by aliens … classmates, maybe, but not aliens … then again, some of my classmates could have been aliens!

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