Hey, Let’s go Hang Fin

Our shop manager and his wife went to Carmel to visit her mom.  While there, they went to the beach to relax.  There were many dolphins playing in the waves, but his camera could only capture the blur as they rode the wave and launched themselves out of the water.   So the title of this post is what I hear them saying in their dolphin voice.

I love the ocean; the smell, the sounds, the mist, you name it.  I have yet to go and sit on the beach with a tall cold one (tall cold one of what, I’m not sure as I don’t drink) and read or watch the wildlife (people included).    I must put this on my list when the weather is better so I can cross the Sierras without worry of getting stuck!

I’ve left my family in Nebraska.  It was such a great time, but it is still a bit of a blur to me.  I wasn’t kidding when I said five short days, because it was here and gone before I got used to the time difference. 

I’m now home and we have an appointment to see the doc.  I’ve caught whatever is going around right now and if I don’t jump on taking care of it today, it will be in my chest and I’ll be a step away from pneumonia on Monday.   The doc is closed on Friday and for the next couple of weeks, my calendar is full.  I think the projects/meetings/appointments multiply while I’m sleeping!    So sick is not on my to do list!!

Although, hanging fin, sound like more fun!


7 thoughts on “Hey, Let’s go Hang Fin

  1. Get well soon … it’s taken us about a week to get through it bu the worst is only a day or two.

    I’ve had a mixed relationship with the ocean. I lived in Oxnard for almost 10 years before I actually got into the water. For me seeing from afar kept me satisfied.

  2. GH – now that you mention it, you were sick first!

    HD – Thanks. I refuse to give into whatever this is! I know you have fam where you are … but … to leave the ocean? I guess I’m an island gal living in the desert!

  3. Geekhiker is just making everyone sick these days. He must have a strong online connection. 🙂 The beach sounds so wonderful when you describe it. I can feel myself calming down.

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  4. MM – thanks and I hope you feel better soon also. I am so ready for beach and ocean that I’m to the point of just pitching a tent somewhere along the coast.

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