Can you imagine

Hubby told me the funniest story tonight.  Today while he was at work, someone came in and told them that a guy was in the bathroom stall for almost two hours.  He and his boss go downstairs.  As they were walking down the hall another man went into the bathroom.

So boss and hubby go in, walk up to the stall that has been occupied for a couple of hours and bang on the door as his boss yells, police.  They told the guy that someone was concerned and they were there to check on him. 

In the meantime, the guy that walked into the bathroom before hubby and his boss, walks out of the other stall and said he was worried when he heard the bang on the stall next to his and someone yell police.

I started laughing because in all those cop shoot em up movies, the exchange of gunfire is usually in the bathroom.  When it’s over, there’s that one lone guy in the stall that comes out and sees all the dead guys on the ground, like in the movie, “True Lies.”  

Thankfully this was a peaceful confrontation and all was fine.

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