It’s Sunday!

We had a great time at church last night.  Our Founding and Senior, now known as leaving, pastor’s favorite color is orange.  So the church sent emails and FB notices to everyone to wear orange in his honor.  The only orange hubby had was a camouflage orange fleece sweatshirt and I had an orange pullover shirt.  It was pretty funny to see about half of the church in orange.  PLUS the other pastors and worship team had their orange on.  Before Pastor John came up, the other pastors and worship team, rolled up their pant legs to reveal orange knee high socks and proceeded to sing and dance the last worship song of the day.  It was pretty funny!  Pastor John was wearing his orange plaid shirt as well as his orange crocs. 

It was a fun night of memories with laughter and tears.  I’m sure the last service today will be a hard one, I’m glad I went last night. 

What our pastor is going through this weekend, our replacement senior pastor is going through the same with his church in Idaho.  Pastor Bill will be arriving on the scene this week and takes to our stage permanently next weekend. 

I will miss his first weekend, not out of protest or anything, because I really enjoy when he speaks, but I will be in Lincoln, NE.  for my son’s Oodles of Doodles show. 

I never know what to expect when it comes to my son, but I am excited.  A few posts ago, when I mentioned that I have a great Father was due to asking God that if it was in His will for me to go, then it would be His doing as there was no way for me to go by my own means.  The fact that I am going and leaving on Thursday is awesome! 

So look out Nebraska, I, alone, am going to invade the Cornhusker State for five short days.

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