Growing up around casinos, gambling wasn’t an interest of mine.  Once I turned 21, I had no interest in trying my luck as so many put it.  Hubby was an armored car driver who picked up and delivered money to and from the casinos.  So he really didn’t have an interest in gambling either.  That isn’t to say that now we don’t lose $5.00 here and there, usually playing the nickel or penny machines.  But, the machines I enjoy playing, take too much of my hard to come by money.  You don’t play with money you need.

When we were at the Grand Sierra yesterday for lunch, we passed by this older gentleman eating alone.  Hubby recognized him but wasn’t sure if it was him until another patron walked by him and asked if he was, Amarillo Slim.  They talked for a few minutes and went back to getting their food.  Hubby looked at me and said, “I thought that was who that was.”  When hubby used to pick up the money at one of the downtown casino’s, the cage was next to the poker pit.  He always saw this man there and they’d exchange pleasantries. 

I don’t know how to explain what I was feeling when he told me about him.  It was a bit nostalgic for me as that was a time when Las Vegas was more the small gambling town we grew up, than the extravagant entertainment who’s who city that it is now. 

He was very pleasant as we passed and exchanged hellos.  He wears a very distinct hat  and yesterday he wore a suit jacket over his shirt, slacks and cowboy boots.    He was dressed pretty classy compared to the other players around the tables.

We were wondering what was going on at the casino as the poker tables were packed.  Once we saw him,  we knew there was a poker tournament at the Grand Sierra.

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