Great morning time

I was invited to a Ladies Crepe Breakfast and today was the day.  One of the gals that is in my Biblical Counseling class picked me up and off to Genoa we went.   I love Genoa.  It’s a little town in the foothills of the Sierras, not too far from my little town.   Sometimes driving home from work, I’ll go through this town to unwind and watch the deer.

This morning the breakfast was at the Genoa Candy and Coffee Store.  The crepes were delicious!!  I had the strawberry, banana and nutella crepe, which was served with chicken and pineapple sausage and sliced apples.  It was great!!  There were about 15 of us and we had a great time talking away.  We were from all walks of life, but the connection was Lifepoint Church.  We all were connected, in one way or another, to Lifepoint.  

The owners of the store are super people and every chance I get I’m sure I will be visiting their establishment.  They have two stores, one in Genoa, the other in Carson.  It was challenging for them as there were quite a few things, they weren’t expecting, going on, but they handled it well.  The best thing was all of us praying for the owners because of the unexpected interuption.  Whenever two or more gather in His name, He is there.  We could feel His presence and what a presence it was!  God is good, all the time!

Great time with the gals!!  I can’t wait for ladies night – dinner and a movie.

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