Weather Teaser

Today was absolutely gorgeous out.  Blue sky and not a cloud in sight.  Last night we stopped at Home Depot.  I’m so glad it still is too cold for the plants  to be out, several of them would have followed me home.  We picked up two bags of garden soil for my poor irises.  When I cut down all the dead stuff, all my iris roots were exposed. 

I knew we were supposed to get snow sometime this weekend, so today I went out and put down soil in the front flower bed.  Of course I couldn’t stop there, I ended up putting more around the flowers along the shed and on my periwinkle tendrils so they wouldn’t fly in the wind. 

Four hours later, I had the backyard raked as well as the pile of leaves behind my swing picked up.  It looks so much better out there.  I really cannot wait for spring!  Hopefully the harsh weather is almost over and I can start getting my patio together.  After all this, I’m hoping to be walking tomorrow. 

So what is your weather like?


3 thoughts on “Weather Teaser

  1. We’re looking for freezing rain from tonight into Monday. I’m hoping we won’t find what we’re looking for and get ordinary rain instead.

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