There is something out there telling me not to touch a vacuum.  Remember the vacuum drama with my neighbor.  Then my vacuum starts acting up.  Well, I vacuumed yesterday and my carpets still feel hairy.  Hmmmm, not good … I know the roller was working, but it’s having a sucking problem. 

Since the office manager and I are trading weeks on cleaning the office, today I cleaned the bathroom and started vacuuming.  All of a sudden, the motor made a very strange sound and started to smell like it was burning up.  I turned it off and opened the area holding the bag.  Well, what a nice surprise.  The bag was upside down and the inside of the bag area was covered in dirt and yuck.  I’m glad one of the owners was still there, he took  it outside and vacuumed out the mess.  Meanwhile I called the other owner to find out where the extra bags were.   Unfortunately, no extra bags were purchased.

So the owner that was there went to the store to pick up more bags and a filter.  I told him to tell his wife, the office manager, that I vacuumed the area around our desks, but not in the lobby.

I go through these cycles where vacuums just don’t work around me.  I was hoping this cycle was broken, but I guess not.  Now to figure out my vacuum’s problem … maybe a threat to the dump will make the dang thing work again!  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Vacuums

  1. I had a horrible vacuum that I kept for 4 years and finally accepted that it was probably spitting dirt out rather than sucking it in and bought a new one. I don’t want to say this too loudly, but I look forward to vacuuming now 🙂

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