Happy Valentines Day!!

After 26 years of marriage … it is another day.  HAH!!  I read a comment on a friend’s facebook page about having a carpet picnic with champagne flutes filled with sparkling cider, fruit and cheese while watching a romantic movie. 

I thought that would be pretty cool, but then I thought about getting up after being on the floor for a couple of hours watching a movie and eating.  That would not be a pretty sight as we both have a hard enough time getting up off the couch!  Plus muttly would be staring at us on the blanket wanting something, hoping we would turn our backs long enough for him to snatch whatever he could get off a plate.

I’ve decided I’m going to sweet us to death by making sour cream doughnuts for breakfast and for a little bit of healthy, I’ll make french toast … LOL … I hope my doc doesn’t read this post!  Then I’m going to try and make cream puffs.  Wish me luck!

Y’all have a great day!!  I’ll be in a sugar coma by the time evening gets here.


6 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!!

  1. mmmmm that sounds delicious!!! I spent the day cooking for myself and oooh I also watched Enchanted which always leaves me singing and dancing afterwards. 🙂

    I hope your day was super duper awesome!!

  2. MM – thanks, I was in a sugar coma from the donuts. Didn’t do too much else, other than watch the neighbors dog. Yup, the one with the problem in the park.

    Tom – Thanks, hope you had a happy one also.

    S. – I didn’t make them yet, probably sometime this week as I was in sugar overload. Splenda has a recipe for cream puffs, which is the one I’m going to try and make. It looks pretty similar to my dad’s recipe, but a little healthier. LOL, if that’s possible.

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