I love the little town where I live!!!

I had to go to the post office and mail a payment that I couldn’t pay online.  Don’t ya just hate when you can’t do that?  HAH,  I do.  I don’t like writing a check and mailing it, as I never have stamps. 

Since the post office is only two blocks up and one block over from my house, it seems real silly to drive there.  So I ventured out up the alley behind my house, bought my “forever stamps” … LOVE those,  and mailed my payment.  Then I was craving coffee … I could either walk to McDonalds and enjoy the fumes of the car exhausts or I could walk through the middle of town to a little coffee shack at the edge of the main drag.  Mind you the main drag is only four blocks long, but I get to walk by the park with the gazebo and all. 

In the summer I love their chillers.  I asked the person making my cafe au lait with two pumps of sugar free caramel, if they can make the sugar free caramel chillers.  I was so excited when she said they could.  It is my absolute favorite.  I love it way more than the Caramel Frapacinos at the other place.  Now I cannot wait for the spring/summer to get here!! 

Anyway, since I was out on my walkabout, I realized I hadn’t eaten yet and I still had to walk home.  So I also bought a breakfast cookie.  Oh. My.  Was that good!  I went to their website and now I’m going to have to get some of these for those mornings I don’t want to eat hot or cold cereal.   Some of you may already know about these products, but those that don’t … you have to check this place out, PLUS you can order online … wooohoo!!  Check out Erin Baker’s    I had the Caramel Apple one … quite yummy!!

It looks like I’ll be ordering those and the chocolate granola.  I love finding new things … hee hee … it’s like a treasure hunt. 

Now I’m back home from walking about the little town and since it is a beautiful day out, I’m going to go out and clean up my dead plants, before they start sprouting for spring.  Did I mention my bulbs along the back shed are starting to come up … I hope it isn’t too early …. I guess we’ll see.

Y’all have a great Thursday!!

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