Thank you, Earth Angel

Today I was trying a new bread recipe.  My plan was to take bread to the church’s food pantry to give out, since they were open tonight.  I only have one loaf pan.  So when I make bread for hubby and I, I make a regular loaf and a circular loaf.   

Since it was a new recipe, I made the first batch for us to try and see if I liked the way the bread came out. I made two circular loaves.    The turned out huge … so the next batch I made I’d just make long loaves like french bread.  They should turn out fine if I cut them in threes. 

Something told me to cut them in fours and continue to shape them as french bread.  As I was doing that, I heard the UPS driver dropping off a box at my doorstep.  Figuring it was my MonaVie order, I went out to bring them inside. 

To my surprise there was a larger box than anticipated and it was not from MonaVie.    It was a box from  Racking my brain, I kept trying to think what I ordered.  Because I have not been buying anything, since finances are real tight around this house.  I was starting to worry, thinking it was something that I mistakenly signed up for and would be billed some crazy amount and would have to fight to get it refunded in addition to returning the merchandise.

So, I open the box … there were four bread pans in there.  The look on my face was amazement, as I remembered I heard, in my brain, to cut the dough into four instead of three.  Then I looked at the receipt.  It was a gift receipt, ordered yesterday, receipt says, Billed to Me, Shipped to Me and paid in full by a third party.

I stood there and cried.  I cried as I washed the pans out and put the dough in the pans.  I continued to cry for the next 20 minutes.  I’ve been led to bake this bread and I had not idea what pans I was going to use.  I kept asking that question and in my brain I kept hearing, don’t worry about it, it will be fine.

God works in very mysterious ways.  I know He also uses people as His earthly messengers to make His point.  This has God’s name written all over it, as the timing was perfect, as He is.

So if the person I think is the mysterious earthly angel is the one I emailed today about the pans, thank you from the bottom of my heart.   You have no idea what it means to have done this for me.

All day this song has been going through my brain.


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