Is life any different today?

I’ve been involved in a bible study of Genesis for the past three weeks.  Although it’s about Abraham (Abram until God changed his name) and it’s a womens bible study group, the video teacher gets us thinking about his wife Sarah (Sarai until God changed her name).  What were her thoughts?  Did she get angry with Abraham?  How would you react to all the situations that she found herself in?

Sarah was the wife of a God fearing, God following man.  She followed this man away from her well to do family into the land of unknown.   Imagine how you would feel if your husband said to you, “Look, you are a very beautiful woman.  When the Egyptians see you, they will say, ‘This is his wife.  Let’s kill him; then we can have her!’  So please tell them you are my sister.  Then they will spare my life and treat me well because of their interest in you.”  Genesis 13:11-13 (NLT)

Yeah, okay, maybe there might be a little flattery as I heard that my husband thought I was beautiful, but seriously??  To lie to  a hostile person that I’m his sister?  I would be thinking, dude, you’re supposed to protect me!  I’m your wife!

I can only imagine what her feelings inside were, when she agreed to do this.  Sure enough,when Abraham arrived in Egypt, everyone spoke of Sarah’s beauty and she was taken to Pharoah’s palace.  He gave Abraham many gifts for her. 

Okay, now how would you feel if you were Sarah?  I’d be thinking, you S.O.B., you sold me to this person???      Hellooooo, I’m your wife!!  Now I know there are many husbands out there that would probably love to sell their wife to someone else … but … I’d be careful for what you wish for.

God had plans for Abraham and Sarah and it did not include Sarah being the Pharoah’s wife.   God remedied the situation by sending a terrible plague upon Pharaoh and his household, because Sarah was Abraham’s wife.

Can you imagine what the Pharoah was thinking?  What have I been exposed to that a plague would only affect me and my household?  Who are these people?

So the Pharoah returns Sarah to Abraham and has his men escort Abraham, Sarah, all his family and his possessions out of the country.  

I love the video teacher’s question to us.  She asked, “What do you think that trip was like?”    So you think she was yelling at him for awhile?  Do you think the trip was a frosty silence?  LOL, let’s see, I’d be making sure the frying pan with my hubby’s name on it was nearby!! 

 She knew God had said Abraham would have many descendants, however she still was not pregnant.  So she tells Abraham to sleep with her servant thinking she can have children through her servant.  So he does and the servant gets pregnant.  

What do you think was going through her mind?  Granted, it was her idea, and maybe she really thought it was a good idea at the time … but … I wonder if in her mind she was trying to see if maybe Abraham was the one with weak swimmers and not her with no eggs.  If that was what she was thinking … how do you think she felt when she found out her servant was pregnant?  Would her servant treat her different since she was carrying Abraham’s child?   

Unfortunately the servant did treat Sarah with contempt and Sarah did the wife thing and blamed her husband for impregnating her servant.    Now I ask you, doesn’t this sound like a soap opera or a prime time drama?

Is this the end of their problems? NOT …  Awhile later, they enter another land.  Again, Abraham lied and said Sarah was his sister out of fear that they would kill him for her.  Again, the king of the land took her as his wife and again, God came to the king, in a dream this time, by telling him that Sarah was already married.     Again, Sarah is returned to Abraham and again, he has to explain why he would do such a thing.

Sarah finally has Abraham’s baby, however, it wasn’t until Abraham was  100 years old and Sarah was long past her child bearing years.  What  would have been her thoughts?  If Abraham was 100 years old,  was Sarah maybe 90 years old?  Can you imagine being a parent at that age?  Now imagine what that child would be like after the parents have been waiting a lifetime to have him?

So is life any different today?  In any relationship we have the same ups and downs, trust issues, deceit.  Some experiences could be fantastic and some could be down right horrible.   I’m sure when they looked back over all the years they had been married, those struggles don’t seem as huge as they did in the moment. 

I look at couples who have been married 50 or 60 years and wonder, what is their story like.  Because you know it wasn’t all pleasant.  You know there were struggles, tradgedies and pain.  But they endured through it all. 

 Finally after all those years, Abraham and Sarah had a baby.  All the struggles, pain, fear and hurts they had been through was reduced to laughter.  Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”  Genesis 21:6

When Sarah died, she was 127 years old.  Abraham mourned and wept for her.  All those years together in a foreign land.  All those years of memories, good and bad.  All those years of being together and staying together.  Makes my struggles with hubby look easy.  They were able to persevere through it all  because of Immanuel (God with us).   

Great story about this couple.  There is so much more that happened through their journey.  If you are interested, read Genesis 12 through 23.  I find the New Living Translation is much easier to understand.  But having the Life Recovery NLT Bible makes an even greater resource and asset.

I pray that God is with you through all your struggles, all your joys and all your pain.

3 thoughts on “Is life any different today?

  1. It’s hard to say what a woman would have felt in those times. It’s a completely different culture from a completely different time period. I look at students even today who come from completely different cultural backgrounds, whether it be from another country or just another region of the U.S.

    Still, I think it’s always good brain-food to really take a story and think “How would I have felt in those shoes?” It takes away the bland “And then” reading and makes it come alive for a deeper lesson.

    Have a good weekend!! 🙂

  2. So true about the time back then. But I’ve been in situations similar … not sold … but still twisted. Looking back, I would be thinking what I wrote. LOL

  3. Oh totally get that. I threaten to hit people with baseball bats if I feel physically threatened by someone. Thankfully, I’ve never needed it, because I don’t actually own a baseball bat, just a mean baseball bat threat.
    To be fair, I haven’t needed to do that in years. 🙂

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