Awesome day of Worship!

I know some of you won’t understand, but there are some of you that do.  Today was one of those awesome worship days at church.  God was definately in the house and in the message. 

Our church is going through a bit of a transition.  The Senior and Founding Pastor  of our church is being led into a whole new dimension of his calling.  Our church has been looking for a new pastor since fall of last year.  They have since found one, who has the approval of  The Board of Directors and the Executive Team.  He has one more group to meet approval and he will be named the new Senior Pastor.  That last group is the church membership.  Those of us that have signed the church membership covenant will be part of the approval process of this pastor.

I am extremely excited to be part of this.  I am also extremely excited that this person is as dynamic a speaker and humorous along with a self-depricating humor as our existing Pastor. 

The message today was that we all fail.  It’s what you do when you fail that’s important.  Great message and teaching, even if it was a little too close to home!!

Changes in 2010, you betcha … Bring it on!


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