Just a bit too late

Hubby had already left for work this morning when the phone rings.  My work calling to see if I could come in today.  As I am still sitting here in my sweats and slippers … there isn’t enough time to call hubby back to pick me up as he is already heading up the mountain.  They had forgotten we only have one car.

Oh well … it’s time to get the bakery going … we are having white chicken chili tonight, so I need to make something to go with it and the regular loaves of bread we need for the next few days.

Y’all have a great hump day!!!


5 thoughts on “Just a bit too late

  1. I just posted my favorite bread recipe for you on my bloggy thing. I hope you try it and love it 🙂 If you don’t, we can’t be friends anymore.
    Okay, we can still be friends, because that means more yummy bread for me!!

  2. MM – Thanks for the recipe!!

    S – Not bad, considering the recipe was from a diabetic cookbook.

    GH – LOL – I know you make great sandwiches … you making bread now also??

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