Dang Dang Dang

The dingus flingus that locks my upright vacuum in place is working sporadically.  LOL … I should have known this would happen.

So I have to ask this questions … when the bathroom is clean …. do you hate using it? 

Yeah, okay, so it’s me. 

I know, get a life !!  But … what if this is my life???


7 thoughts on “Dang Dang Dang

  1. No, I’m the same way! I like to just walk in and gaze at how clean the room is.But I do like taking a bubble bath after I clean the bathroom. I smell the lavender scent with the faint smell of bleach still in the room. ahhhh…heaven!

  2. S. – our middle daughter will not use a public bathroom. She barely likes to use the one in her hotel room. I have a problem with those outdoor facilities they set up for events. Hubby has to check it out first, before I’ll even think about going and only if I really need to.

    GH – Men!

    MM – LOL

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