How embarrassing

I’ve been vacuuming for a few weeks and have noticed that it wasn’t picking up like it should.  So I changed the bag a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it was working, but when I look back, it really wasn’t.  So last week, with the unit on, I checked the roller brush and it wasn’t rolling.   I figured I needed a new belt.  While I was out yesterday, I got a belt for the silly vacuum. 

Today, I knew I had to get the belt on so I could do my vacuuming … after searching all over for the new belt, I finally found it.  Hubby had put it on the shelf at HIS eye level, but ABOVE mine … which is short!  After grumbling and an unhappy call to hubby (which he didn’t answer… good thing huh?) I found it. 

I finally get the cover off and the belt was only off from the back.  The belt was fine, no splits or anything.   While  I had the dang thing apart, I decided I should perform some kind of maintenance on it … you know, remove the hair and fibers wrapped around the roller and all.   Now that it is together again, it works wonderfully!!  I seriously must have been vacuuming for about 3 weeks like this.   

Yea, so that’s my day … how is yours going?

7 thoughts on “How embarrassing

  1. That’s hilarious! I could see me doing something like that! Oh well. At least now the vacuum works and you have a spare belt as well!

  2. GH – too funny … what I didn’t write were the colorful words I used while trying to stretch the belt.

    S. – So True … I think I have another extra belt somewhere in a box that I bought for the same reason.

  3. I have long hair so I must perform that kind of maintenance on my vacuum often. But still, wasn’t there a part of you that felt totally awesome at fixing it yourself? I still get a thrill when I play “Miss Fix-It”

  4. MM – My hair is long, although mottled with gray. Hubby always has to clear the drain before he showers. So not only am I mottled, I’m molting … *sigh*

    I love fixing things myself … that is until I get totally frustrated and then I make hubby do it.!

  5. My vacuum, when it looses a belt, feels like it’s lost all it’s wheels. My first reaction is always “Why am I so weak?” Then I check the belt and feel much better.

  6. The inexpensive vacuum I have … lol … okay … CHEAP vacuum I have, the wheels are separate from the roller, so when the belt gets loose, it doesn’t affect the wheels. LOL … so I always feel weak when pushing the dang thing!

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