Missed it by that much

I was hoping the Vikings would have won tonight and advanced to the Super Bowl.  However, it wasn’t meant to be. 

Since the Saints have never been to a Super Bowl it is pretty cool that they are going.  Can you imagine the party going down in the party capital of the states?

We were in New Orleans, about a week or so before 9/11 happened.   Hubby had a week long seminar/class there and I decided to join him so I could sightsee.  Our oldest daughter met us there.  While he was in his meetings, she and I wandered the city.  It was pretty fun, especially since it was a Mardi Gras … okay, Gay Mardi Gras.   LOL, it was quite colorful … the people and the clothes, that were there in attendance.  We walked down Bourbon St. at night, and watched all the people exchange beads … LOL !!

It was still fun, in the middle of the summer.  Even though my Vikings lost, I am glad the Saints are going to the Super Bowl.  A team that has never been, coming from an area that has suffered such devastation from Katrina. 

I like the Colts, but it would be such a boost for New Orleans if their team wins it.  I know who I’m rooting for … how about you?


5 thoughts on “Missed it by that much

  1. I don’t really follow football. I like to watch the superbowl for the commercials and eat greasy food. Then I take a nap during the second and third and wake up just about 10 minutes before the game is over. But since I don’t know who the teams really are, I’ll probably root for the ones with the nicest uniform colors. 🙂

  2. LOL to both of you! That is definately what the Super Bowl is known for. Last year I was a bit disappointed with the commercials. I hope they are better this year.

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