It’s time

to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back on track. 

I have no idea what happened to the last two days.  I’ve vegged in front of this computer or the tele doing absolutely nothing.  AND have no desire to do a dang thing.   Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that, as I did make cinnamon rolls … and the large pan is almost gone!

It’s real easy for me to stay in this darkness and get further and further into the muck.  Sometimes it’s easier to just do that instead of look ahead to what is in store for me next.  

I’m really not worried about my future, but my brain apparently needs to go through the grief process. 

I had a couple of thoughts of what to do,  I’ve acted on one of them, so I guess I’ll wait and see what happens.

7 thoughts on “It’s time

  1. You know it’s the winter blahhhhs that’s what! I’ve been feeling the same way although we have tons of work to do, I took a NAP yesterday. gahhh!! you’ll snap out of it. hang in there

  2. S. – I’ll let you know. It isn’t in the paying job area, but will be interesting.

    HD – lol … too late!

    SG – that’s part of it … as I’m sure you are also, I getting tired of the clouds. Geesh girl, you’ve got so much to do in so little time. Are you able to keep your existing job? Good luck with the move.

    MM – starting to. I need to get on the treadmill and get that endorphin high.

  3. GH – lol…with all the movements in our act … one could get hurt reaching for a bottle of anything. Although we did perform on stages above the bar and bartender’s head. I was always nervous about tripping off the stage and into the bottles!

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