I admit it I am

A Donny Osmond Fan.

Go on I can take it …  laugh, chuckle, shake your head or roll your eyes …  Drink something and catch your breath.

Now, I’m not one of those screaming, fainting, crying or pushing to the front of the stage fans.  I think that is a bit rediculous, especially since they are MY AGE!!!  But hey, to each their own.   Being a person who grew up around the stage and show business, I admire his and all the Osmond’s talents and versatility.

Yes, I watched DWTS and voted for Donny and was real happy when he won.  But now I’m listening to his radio show.  I’m glad he’s doing this, because his fans saw his personality and now we get to continue to listen to him on the radio.

All I can say is … he gives those of us just on the other side of a half a century mark a sense of doing something besides the same old, same old in the world we live in.  Plus I like the music that’s playing on his show. 

LOL … makes me want to put a show together … we can be known as the Geriatric Sisters … what do you think?

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