So what am I?

I used to mark that I was Asian.  Then they came up with Pacific Islander and I started marking that one.  Now on an application I printed it has both.  LOL … so being Filipino … am I Asian or Pacific Islander?


8 thoughts on “So what am I?

  1. I am on sparkpeople under hulabelly1! I kinda started a while ago, then did nothing with it, and now I’m trying to get back on the ball. I just hate all the logging of things. I think sometimes I do better when I don’t think about it.

  2. I hear ya – I guess the logging part is what keeps us on track. Kind of like my blood sugar log. I didn’t get the strips renewed and finally the first of this year I did. Now I’m watching what I’m eating or watching the time I’m eating, to be sure there’s enough movement time to burn up the sugar. I haven’t cleared off my treadmill yet. Something I need to do and get back to logging the miles … lol … well, in my case the .25 miles I walk.

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