I asked for it

… and I don’t regret it!  You know, about bringing on the change in 2010. 

I was notified yesterday that I will be working one … yes, that does say, one day a week.  For the next two weeks, I’ll be covering for the office manager, so that will be two days a week until she returns and then it will be one day a week until, hopefully, things turn around.  Right now they are trying to meet payroll … which is a concern … will I have a paycheck next week?   

I’m thankful that my insurance is still in place even with working the new schedule.  That isn’t to say that, that won’t change, because if things get tighter at work, they may have to eliminate that also.   I am also thankful that they are keeping me on as there will be several laid off this week. 

Am I worried?  No. 

What will I do with the extra time off?  Bake more bread … lol … so far I have made five loaves of wheat bread and 1 loaf of Italian.  I may try and make cinnamon rolls today.

Seriously though … I don’t know what I’m going to do.   But, I’ll let you know as my world unfolds.

6 thoughts on “I asked for it

  1. Are you taking orders for bread? I’ll have a rustic boule please.

    Hope everything turns out all right. I’m working only 3 days per week and am lobbying for at least another half day. I’m Department Head for heaven’s sake! How do I supervise people if I’m not even there?!?

  2. The Wife bakes me bread – I’m pretty much a white bread guy when it comes to rolls. She uses a bread machine to mix the stuff. She’s kind of famous amongst our friends for her bread making. She often bakes it as thank you gifts.

  3. S – LOL, still a novice baker … things will turn out, I just need to sit back and NOT rush into rash decisions, like I am known to do. Very hard to supervise three days a week … Nanny cams come to my mind!.

    HD – I have always wanted to make bread, but I was afraid to try. I am getting the hang of it now.

    GH – That was one of my many thoughts, however, I need to perfect my skills. LOL

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