WTF, part Deux

I love my little neighborhood … I’m starting to truly not like my neighbor.  I love the little house we live in, but I am truly not liking my neighbor!!

What is the lesson I’m supposed to learn from this????   I really want to know, so I can get on with my life!  

So this neighbor from hell is 65 years old, female and lives alone, other than her dog.  She thinks we are part of her family since the same person owns both of our houses.   She’s one that will ask the same question over and over in a different way trying to get the answer she wants.   AND she repeats her story over and over again, for whatever reason.  When she starts doing that … I start walking away. 

After I posted this morning, she calls … says her friend is coming from Reno (which is about an hour away) to bring her groceries in the afternoon.  However, she’s out of milk and wanted to know if she could borrow a cup.  I still had half of a half gallon so I just brought that over to her.  Once I did, she proceeded to tell me the same thing over and over.  Rehashing what happened to her and wanting me to agree with everything she said.  Which I did NOT do. 

She kept telling about the ex-roomate and how charming he can be, yada yada yada … and how everyone believes him, not her and thinks he’s a great guy, and she’s the lier, yada, yada, yada … to which I replied … and so was Ted Bundy! 

Nope still not over my irritation with her!  As she’s going on about how she isn’t feeling well now.  Because she’s now feeling the affects of the altercation in the park … etc … she’s taking it easy and her friend was going to bring her groceries .. etc.   I noticed that her trash was on the steps, so I picked it up to take it to the trash hopper.  She then says, I can do that … I walked up six flights of stairs yesterday.  But in the next minute she starts rubbing her chest because it’s hurting.  Her muscles are sore.  So I told her not to worry about it, I’ll take the trash to the hopper, not a big deal.  Finally I escape and go into my house.

I noticed the time and her friend still hadn’t shown up.   Next thing I know, she’s all dressed and going to the store.  I know this because she comes over.  Hubby’s watching the Arizona/ New Orleans football game.  She comes in to ask hubby about the whistle he suggested she get.  Hubby’s reply, one that’s loud.  LOL … then she start in again about what happened, yada yada yada … and then has the nerve to say, I know your trying to watch your game, but I just want to know … yada yada yada.  I, in the mean time, was frying apple fritters and playing Bejeweled Blitz … ignoring her. 

She finally leaves and goes on her merry way.   Since today is my first day off, I usually veg.  Most of what I should be doing on this day, usually gets put to the wayside, as I don’t feel like doing anything.  Not to mention, I really don’t feel like putting up with her.

Just a few minutes ago, she called my cell.  She says she wants to talk to me about something, since her friend in Reno didn’t want to be bothered with it.  To which I thought … and I do????  So I asked her what is it.  She proceeds to tell me that there is someone coming over to vacuum her house in the next couple of days.  She said she was getting it out and the hose connection at the bottom is broken and the last person that used it was this person that is coming over to help her out.  So she calls this person and tells her that it is broken and the girl tells her to tape it.  She proceeds to tell me that she doesn’t want to tape it, because it comes out and what did I think about this? 

I told her to tape it!  She really wants to charge this girl for half of what it costs to get a new one … which is about $50.  She was also trying to get me to say that in her round about way.  So she asks if it was me, what would I do?  I told her again, that I would tape it.  She still didn’t want to accept my answer and tried to get me to agree with her.   She said her friend in Reno told her that he’d bring his vacuum over (from Reno) and leave it on the porch so she can use it.  But she doesn’t want to use it, because it’s too heavy. 

She said she uses her vacuum every 2-3 days.  So basically what this neighbor is wanting me to do is agree with her so that she can bully this girl into paying half of the new vacuum.  Which in turn, I can see becoming another convoluted drama.  Again, I told her to tape it and let it go. 

Seriously???!!!???  Over an effin’ vacuum.  I wish I had such problems!!    WTF!!

6 thoughts on “WTF, part Deux

  1. unfortunately, by living next door!! No wonder the other neighbors don’t acknowledge her. LOL … she’s lived here a year longer than me and the other neighbors avoid her … not so easy for me as we share the driveway and the kitchen windows face each other. I am going to put the privacy film on my kitchen window! Tired of feeling like I’m being watched! AND if we can afford it, this spring, we are putting up the outdoor roll down shades so I can have some privacy as we get in and out of the car and when using our swing in the back. Do you think she’ll get it?

  2. To all of you – I love your comments. I can be cranky at times, but then I feel bad. So I share some of my bread and cinnamon rolls with her. LOL … I know, I’m creating my own monster! *sigh*

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