Which are you?

The coyote or the roadrunner?  My personal favorite is the tazmanian devil!  There are those rare cartoons when all three are in the same episode. 

It was quiet on the homefront yesterday.  I have no idea what the neighbor did yesterday, but I’m sure I’ll hear about it sometime this weekend.

Can her situation be dangerous?  Yes.  It all depends on how wacked out the ex-roomate wants to be.

Does she feel safe?  Yes and no, but she’s being brave.

Do I feel safe?  Yes and no, but with hubby being a peace officer, I’m not too worried about it. 

The good thing is that it has made me a bit more cautious.  I usually check my surroundings before I leave my house, but now I am more thorough.    I won’t be leaving my doors open, unless the screens are  locked.  I know a locked screen isn’t much of a deterant, however, it will give me time to react.

Does this piss me off?  Oh yeah … I’m pretty tired of her dramas landing in my world.  But then, she lives alone and has no one as close as next door.  So, what do ya do?

7 thoughts on “Which are you?

  1. S. LOL – I was just saying to hubby that I like this little house and I do not want to have to move again. We just moved in last July. She’s about to see my ugly side, the one that had the receptionists and secretaries shaking in their boots when I walked through the office!

    HD – aaww … Bugs and Daffy … I thought they both were funny!

  2. MM – how could I forget about Pepe Le Pew? He was so funny with the cat.

    GH – I forgot about Bugs … but I still love Eeyore.

    I myself want to be Jessica Rabbit, in reality I’m more like Roger Rabbit. LOL

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