Drama, Drama, Drama … *sigh*

The drama unfolded this afternoon, while I was at work.  Yes, my neighbor again.   Let’s just say her drama included her, her old roomate, a dog, a park,  a deputy, a sargent and my hubby.  Sounds like an intriguing tangled web to me! 

Driving home tonight, hubby calls my cell and asks when I’m coming home.  I told him I had to stop at Wally World, on my way home,  to  get my glasses adjusted since I slept on them and they are all out of wack.  He sounded so dejected.  I asked him why and he said it’s high drama here.  I asked if she was still there and he said, “Oh yeah!”  To which I lovingly said,  gotta go … bye … and hung up.    LOL … I know I’m bad!

While in Wally World I picked up a take and bake pizza and a salad.  When I drove up to the house, the neighbor was parked in our drive.  When I got into the house, she was pretty beside herself from all that happened.  

When I found my neighbor and heard a sargent with the sheriff’s office was in my house, I was real thankful I had cleaned it up on Tuesday.  LOL … silly things we worry about!  I’m sure this “as the world turns” episode of her life will continue … I’m not sure how I feel about being dragged in along with it.  

Stay tuned tomorrow for the stomach turns!


4 thoughts on “Drama, Drama, Drama … *sigh*

  1. MM – thanks, should be interesting in a twisted way.

    SG – So very True!!

    S – It could be … I’m not happy about maybe having to arm myself just to go outside.

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