Germ deflector shield has too many holes!

And I was doing so well!!   Besides being in my sinuses, it is now traveling toward my chest and I need to stop it before it gets there.  I made hubby call on Tuesday for a Thursday Doc appointment.  I had to call the docs office this morning to see if I could be seen at the same time.  I’m so glad they said yes, but I know it messes up their schedule.  Especially since this is their last day of the week and it’s usually the busiest.

So the first change of 2010 – My work days are now Wed, Thurs & Fri.  The office is going to remain open five days a week, however, the other employees and owners will be working four days a week.  Since the salesman asked for Friday off, I got changed to working the last half of the week.   I can understand why he asked for Friday as his significant other has Fridays off.  It will make a nice three-day weekend for them.   

With as slow as our office has become, we all are thankful we still have a job and insurance.   We all are hoping to hang on until things get better.  This is the slowest time in the window business and we didn’t really have a busy time to get us through this slow time … so we all are a bit nervous.

As I’ve said before, I feel change in the air.  It’s electrifying and I can’t seem to sit still.  I just want to jump and run around … like my dog when he comes in from the cold outside.  Only, I don’t have the energy to carry me through the house at cartoon speed.

I’m reading things … same things I’ve read before … but they have a whole new meaning to me this year.  I’m hearing things … same things I’ve heard before … and again, it’s new.  A light switch has been flicked on and the shades rolled up.   

What’s in store for me? 

I have no idea.

All I can say is Bring It!! 

I can’t wait!!

2 thoughts on “Germ deflector shield has too many holes!

  1. Too bad your germ deflector failed. *sadness & pity*

    I must be covering the odd days you’ve got off. My work schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Perhaps on Wednesdays we can get lunch and compare notes.

  2. S – That would be so much fun – too bad we are soooo farrr away! I found I liked working M, T, W … so I now have to regroup and get into W, TH, F.

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