A new study

Last night I joined a new bible study.  It’s Beth Moore’s The Patriarchs.  I am so excited and I’ve only gone through the intro of the DVD. 

I love her studies as they make you think and really grasp what’s written in the books of the Bible.  Plus she has the best stories about her family.  Her passion is awesome and extremely contagious. 

I haven’t been to this womens group in a couple of years.  I was so surprise how much the group has grown.  They went from 20 people, when I was there, to appx. 55 last night.  It’s helping me get out of the house and joining in fellowship with other women.   

They are having a womens breakfast on Saturday, called  “Chick Chat” … should be fun.  Besides yummy food there’s usually a speaker.  More on that later.  I invited my neighbor … lol … we’ll see if she actually goes. 

Well, today is my hump day … still doing Monday through Wednesday for work schedule.  Probably a good thing, especially since I’ve joined the bible study and I have homework again.

It’s getting late and I should get to bed.   Why is it, on the days I have to work, I could sleep in.  On the days I can actually sleep in, I’m up at the time my alarm normally goes off.    So aggravating!

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