Poor hubby

He’s been sick and in the middle of being sick, he’s managed to catch a really bad cold.  He’s been sneezing and blowing his nose all day in addition to feeling crappy with a sore throat.

I have been taking Zicam.  Being exposed to hubby and my family in Vegas who had a cold, I am fighting like heck to not catching it.    I’ve cleaned the keyboards and sprayed everything he’s touched AND wash my hands constantly… lol … I feel like Monk!

Hopefully he’ll start feeling better soon.  I hope you all stay healthy and don’t catch whatever this is going around.  It sounds miserable!


6 thoughts on “Poor hubby

  1. S. – I was told about Zicam and I am a believer … knock on wood!

    Hey Miss M – thanks I have my germ shield up and I’m doing my best! Hubby, well, he didn’t go to the doc, since I had to work all day, but if he’s not better by Thursday, I’m hauling his rear to the doc. Welcome to my site and scattered mind.

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