Oh man!!

I am so bummed that my week and a half off has come to an end.  I have accomplished nothing.  Of course, I’ve not made a list of things to do, so … there ya go!

Are you a list maker?  One that makes a list of everything you need to accomplish for the day and cross them off as they are done? 

I made a list the other day when we had errands to run.  I had to write them down so I wouldn’t forget and I still forgot one thing … but remembered it in the car and hubby had to add it to the list.

I may have to start making lists for myself this year.  That way I can look back at my day, week or month and see what I’ve actually done.   Discipline … ugh … that’s what it will take.  I am the most undisciplined person on this planet.    If there’s a change for this year, this will have to be one of them.


7 thoughts on “Oh man!!

  1. I’ve made a list of all the things I needed to get done this afternoon. I started at 3pm and here it is 7:30 and all is done, well with the exception of the towels which are in the dryer and the treadmill. I’m too pooped to get on it right now. It is easier to follow a list, it keeps me from getting side tracked … I know, hard to believe huh?

  2. I love lists!! It’s soooo soothing. Then I forget my list when I go shopping so I’m always forgetting something important, like the lettuce that goes on my salad. But then I get to go home and make a NEW list of the things I forgot. I even have super-special-cute list paper!

  3. I’m the forget my list type of person – so I usually forget most of the listed items and come home with everything else NOT on it. Aaww, super special cute list paper – dang, now I have to add that to my list! LOL

  4. Sometimes I make lists. sometimes they’re just in my head. Whether or not I finish them all usually depends on how much time I end up surfing the internet…

  5. MM – great … stopping at Target! Don’t they have the neatest stuff for a buck there?

    GH – I hear ya … that’s the reason for my new list making. I’ve been internet surfing too much and my bum is reflecting this!

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