I’ve created a monster

Yesterday was attempt one of dough making.  I think I got distracted in counting the cups of flour … note to self, put the flour in a separate bowl so you know exactly how much is there.  Am I going to try again today?  Possibly … but I may try bread instead … yikes!!

Last night while I was cleaning up my disasterous mess, the dog was busy talking and barking at me.  He was being more of a freak than he normally is.  Once I got the dough mess cleaned up and trash taken out, he went back to the bedroom.  All I could think of was that the yeast was making him nuts and that the dough I threw away was still growing in the trash can.

This morning, he starts it all over again.  I had just come home from getting tires put on the back of the truck and he starts freaking out again.  He runs to the kitchen and this time went to his bowl and starts talking to me.  It finally dawns on me what the heck is going on. 

I made stew yesterday.  When I make stew it tends to be a heavier gravy base along with all the other stuff you put in the pot.   

Since the dog is old and he’s lost several teeth, I try to give him a treat every now and then, ie … scrambled eggs, rice …e tc.  So last night, I added a little gravy to his normal food, mixed it up and put it on the floor.  Being a scrounge hound that he is, he wolfed it down in no time flat. 

This morning, since there was no yeast disaster in the kitchen, he was freaking out again.  This time being more specific for his dense mom and going right to his dish and looking at me.  I laughed and told him I was not putting gravy in there for him.  I took his bowl and put a little warm water and mixed his food up.  I’ve never seen a dog stomp down the hallway so fast … you would think he was a teenager!


3 thoughts on “I’ve created a monster

  1. that’s too funny, deb. I think ours got really broke from treats the week we went on vacation! we weren’t here to overfeed them so I actually say Prince lose some of his roly poly fat. now they just get kibble and water.

  2. HD – oh man – mine sheds also, reminds me of pigpen from Charlie Brown. When Freddie shakes, you can see the cloud of hair.

    SG – OMG – what you came home to after being gone … poor doggies and you!! I guess that would be one way of breaking them from treats!

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