New Year’s Day.2010

Last night, for our anniversary dinner,  I made a roast, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce (I cheated with this one as it was green giants) and sourdough bread (store bought).  Then we had for dessert, Trader Joe’s Chocolate Cloud Cake.  OOOOHH, was that yummy!!! 

I was able to stay up past midnight and we toasted the new year with sparkling apple and raspberry cider.   Between the rich meal and dessert, I was so tired and slept in until almost 9:30 this morning.  Can you believe that, I NEVER sleep that late. 

I’ve lasted about one day without the tele.  We have five of them in this house.  The ones that are on constantly are the front room and our bedroom.  An interesting realization as I started watching it again, I noticed my mood was going down.  Pretty interesting … in a sad way.  I love TV.  Both of us were raised by it so it is part of our family.  Sad to know that there is so much crappolah on it that can affect so many levels of your being.

I’m going to try and limit my exposure, but I can feel it calling me now as I type.  It isn’t on, but I hear, “Psst, over here … just hit the button!” 

Hubby’s sick … well sicker.  We got his antibiotics refilled yesterday, but it isn’t helping.  Hopefully after today’s dose, he’ll start feeling better.  If not, he may have to go to the doc on Monday to get shot … er, … I mean, to get a shot … LOL … dang fingers!

When we were at Trader Joe’s yesterday, we sampled their scallops wrapped in bacon.  A box followed us home and I’m thinking we’ll be having those today along with their Ratatouille Bites.  My baking niece had these little morsels out while we were waiting for the dough to rise.  I love going to their house, they have the best food!!  It’s always fun to go after a big holiday,  you get yummy left overs!!  Too bad we live so far away!

Hope y’all have a good relaxing day after your fun filled new year celebrations.  I’m thinking it’s going to be a lazy one for me.


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Day.2010

  1. We were going to go out to eat and watch the fireworks but decided against it in the last moment. 11 degrees was a little too cold and we both dislike New Years crowds. We watched the ball drop in NY, went to bed to read, and wished each other a happy New Year before turning out the light.

    Today is being spent taking down the Christmas decoration (the inside ones anyway), watching football (the Wife), and working on the new 2010 Budget (Me). Oh yeah, and relaxing.

    Hope your hubby feels better soon.

  2. relaxing? Budget and relaxing shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. LOL!
    I’ve done nothing, which is really okay by me. Here it is early evening and I’m sitting in the dark!

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