Detox for the mind

I’ve done a physical detox, but a mental detox?   Yesterday was day one of my mental detox.  The hardest and I mean hardest thing for me to do in this mental detox is turn off the tele.  Since I’m putting myself through this, when hubby is watching TV, I try not to watch.   So I made fried chicken wings instead … LOL … this may be good at detoxing my thinking, but it sure isn’t going to help the waistline. 

I’ve decided 2010, being the sci-fi sounding year that it is … it is also a year for change.  I have no idea what kind of change or where in my life change is going to happen, but I feel it.  It’s like feeling a snow storm or smelling rain about to fall.  It’s just in the air and I’m welcoming it.

It may just be a change in my thinking or a change in my being but it’s a change all the same.


6 thoughts on “Detox for the mind

  1. 2010 does feel like change, doesn’t it. Here’s to good, healthy change.

    Hmmm … Physical detox often involves … loose … poop. So, what does mental detox involve? I suspect the answer is Homer’s Travels.

  2. If you mean by Homer’s Travels as good and positive site, then yes.

    Mental detox – giving your mind a break from any negative information – news, sitcoms, etc. LOL … my biggest challenge. Although it didn’t say anything about facebook and BB. This is supposed to be for 30 days, I’m not sure I’ll make it that long!

    I guess it is quite similar to the physical result, it expunges the “loose poop” of the mind.

  3. I guess I did this once. Back in 1995 I went on a 1 month vacation (sept 1 – sept 30 – details at Homer’s Travels). During these 30 days I swore off TV, radio, and all news related reading material. I didn’t miss it at all (It was during the OJ trial so I really didn’t miss anything).

    The roadtrip distracted me. If I was at home, I don’t think I could do it. I’m such a news junkie.

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