Adieu, 2009

Every so often the french language comes to mind.  I remember only a few words, some phrases (I ask hubby what time it is in french all the time) and one provocative phrase in a  song from Lady Marmalade.

Between Jr. high and high school, I’ve had three years of french.  One would think I could remember much more than a few words and phrases.  One of the challenging things about learning another language is translating in my mind.  I could speak it fast, however, when someone talks to me, the translation wheel in my brain gets clogged.

One of my great nephew’s just started high school.  He is learning Japanese.  He loves anything Japanese.   His dad went on a mission to Norway and spoke Norwegian fluidly.   I keep forgetting to ask him if he still remembers the language.

I would love to learn Tagalog, a common language of Filipinos, but they speak it so fast.   Pretty bad, I had to do a search to make sure I spelled Tagalog right.  Lo and Behold, I found an online site that teaches my native tongue.  Awesome!!!

Today is our anniversary, we’ve really only been married for 26 years, together for longer.  We had a typical Las Vegas last minute New Year’s Eve wedding, performed by some form of the Justice of the Peace.     I’ve got a prime rib roast waiting to be cooked and I have no idea what else we are having with it.  But, he’s pretty easy to cook for.  Grilled cheese sandwiches would also be fine with him.

Well, I’m going to wander around this new Tagalog site.  Should be fun.

I hope you all stay safe and have Happy New Year. 

Isang Magandang Kinabukasan Para sa Ating Lahat
(A Beautiful Tomorrow For All of Us)

6 thoughts on “Adieu, 2009

  1. HD – You espeek tagauloog? Why you no tell me you espeek. I espeek pijun English.

    Dang man, now you need to translate! I was able to translate Kaibigan … lol … the rest is tagalog! I was about to type greek. HAH

  2. Actually, I don’t. I used Google translate (English -> Filipino). I’m such a cheater.

    It says, roughly: “Happy Anniversary Friend! Wishing 2010 is more happy than 2009 and the next decade is more hope filled than the last.”

  3. AAWW – thanks!! LOL … too funny about the Google translating. That website I found that teaches tagalog, actually has someone saying the phrases instead of just the words.

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