Thanks, GH!

GeekHiker and Homer Dog always have the best stuff on their blogs!  While perusing GH’s blog, he had a link to a fun site.  I’m thinking I’m getting this for my grandkitty, Satan … er I mean, Sammie.  Check it out here.


5 thoughts on “Thanks, GH!

  1. Hilarious! I love ThinkGeek! I got my wee grandson two bibs; one says “nom, nom, nom…” and the other has an arrow pointing toward his head and says “Zombie Snack.”

  2. First, you are too kind. GH’s site, I agree. My site, meh. Thank you.

    Second, if Homer wore that doggy cam, most of the pictures would be of the love seat cushion, the couch cushion, or an extreme closeup of the carpet as he sleeps most of the day.

    I do like thinkgeek. If I won the lotto I’d be tempted to buy one of everything.

  3. You are welcome and you do have cool stuff on your blog!!

    I know what you mean about tempted to buy one of everything! The camera would be fun, since our Belle’s cat is loose all day. Would be interesting to see what it’s like in her world. If I got it for our dog, all we would see is his scooby do in his kennel. His scooby do is a sleeping bag that he likes to curl up in when he’s in there. He has major separation axiety, so we have to kennel him when we are gone.

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