So much for cleaning

I’ve been on this stinking computer all morning.  Just hanging out in different sites, wandering around and telling myself to get off the chair and do something already!!  Yeah, that ain’t happenin’ any time soon!  I’m listening to Classic Motown on XM and just groovin. 

The drive home always wipes me out.  I have no idea why, as I sleep most of the way.  Trying to find a comfortable position in a car is hard, but to also find one around the dog is even worse!  So I feel like my spine is staircase shaped.

I thought we were done with the white stuff for the week, but I guess I was wrong … LOL … probably would help if I watched the weather channel.  Then again, nine times out of ten, they aren’t right either.

My sis, her hubby, hubby and I went to see Old Dogs on Christmas Day.  I’m glad I went to the bathroom BEFORE the movie, because there were parts of that movie that had me laughing so hard.  There were lulls here and there, but the lulls were needed to recover from the laughter.  I don’t think the younger crowd would get it, but us “Old Dogs” definately understood.  The whole theater was laughing away.  I’ll have to rent it on Netflix when it comes out.  Then again, I should just buy it, for those days I need a good laugh!

I’d like to see “It’s Complicated” and “Sherlock Holmes” in the theaters.  I’m sure there are a few more, but I cannot remember them right now.  I watched “Ironman” on my sisters huge screen HDTV.  Was that a fun movie!!

I chuckle when my sisters come to visit.  I still have an old television.  They both have huge screen HD’s.  The last time both of them were here, they were sitting so close to the TV while watching a movie.  LOL … one of these days, we may break down and get one … I’ll wait until a couple of next new things are out and the HD’s are way less in price.    I’m not sure I’m ready to see the sweat on the football players face as they play.  Although I do like the feeling of being on the field with them!

I’m printing an ebook right now … hah … it’s only 80 pages, but still, I need to have it in hand to read.  I’m not sure I’d like a kindle.  I agree with GH, feeling the pages and actually turning them gives me some sort of satisfaction that I’ve read a book.  I guess if I travelled quite a bit and arm room was limited, then I’d probably like the kindle. 

Well, I’ve babbled long enough.  Y’all have a great day!!


3 thoughts on “So much for cleaning

  1. If I sit down at computer and start reading blogs I might as well call it a day. Given the chance I would veg there all day!

    I’d love to see Sherlock Holmes! When do you want to go? lol Actually I’m hoping to see it with Husband sometime SOON!

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