Is there a name for the week between holidays?

I just found out I have this week off also.  Work is pretty slow, so I get to stay home when we get there.  I have three vacation days left to cover this week, so I’m a happy. 

Hubby has to work tomorrow, otherwise, we’d either stay or wander somewhere else.  But going home and getting the house cleaned while he’s at work is a big thing for me, as I’ve discussed in a previous post.

I hope Christmas was a good time for all.  Friday was spent with my sister’s family and it was a treat when our middle daughter and her husband stopped by.  There are some great pictures, I’ll have to post them, when I get home.  I’m typing on sis’ computers, so I don’t want to save pics here.  I’m just waiting for her to send me the group pic.

Saturday, we learned how to make rolls.  Jen made orange rolls, since it was less messy.  Same dough, different filling for cinnamon rolls.  We hung out with my nephew and his family and got another visit from daughter and her hubby.  It’s always fun listening to the banter between cousins and all.

I’ll have to go home and try to make these rolls.  Glad I now have the week off so I can play baker!

It’s cloudy out, so the drive home shouldn’t be bright.  I’m finding my eyes are so light sensitive these days. 

So, is there a name for the week between the holidays?  They have names for all kinds of holidays … I guess I’ll call it, New Year’s eve times three.

There’s a house next to my nephew (the one who’s wife showed us how to make rolls) that is for rent.  It is only $1200/month AND single story!!  Yeah, I know, we’ve just moved and I didn’t want to do that again … but … dang, rent is low here.  If we worked from home, I would consider moving back … but ONLY if we worked from home.  I definately don’t like the traffic.

Well, speaking of traffic, I had better wake hubby up so we can start the process of packing, etc.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be Samantha in Bewitched … wiggle the nose and be home!

Y’all have a good day!


2 thoughts on “Is there a name for the week between holidays?

  1. I think this week should be called, “Working up the energy to put all the Christmas crap away until next year week.” There is no possible acronym for it though and it’s nearly as long as that village in Wales nobody can pronounce the name of. Which is: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

  2. Holy Cow !!! How does that village fit on an envelope???

    No kidding about the Working up the energy to put away Christmas … that’s also part of the reason I don’t like to decorate! Let’s see “WUTETPATCCAUNYW” LOL … good as any name for this week!

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